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Fractional Technical CXO Consortium

Deep, Practical Operating Experience - Our approach to technology is learning the business first, then applying sound technology and best practices to solve problems.

Every Technical CxO partner at Pandoblox has a demonstrated track record of success and career backgrounds leading technology at multiple organizations ranging from agile high growth startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises. Our on-demand executive model is typically 50-75% more cost and time-effective than a full-time, in-house function.

Development and DevOps

Development and DevSecOps

Development, operations, and security are fundamentally intertwined. A well-designed, developed and managed system is the foundation of a secure system.

DevOps must evolve to a new vision of DevSecOps that balances the need for speed and agility of enterprise IT capabilities with the enterprise need to protect critical assets, applications, and services.


Advanced Technologies and R&D

We've built a think tank of the best and brightest engineers, architects, ranging from PhD's, CCIEs, to AWS Architect Professionals who are constantly working on new innovations in AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Security Frameworks.

Our focus is to continually find new ways to optimize and automate processes to create better, stronger, and more secure technology platforms.


Advanced Technology Services

From Salesforce and applications architecture to highly customized technical deployments, we've built a team of best of class engineers who can deliver on the most challenging of technical projects.

CXO Consulting

Our consortium of Global Technology and Security Executives have extensive experience leading tech organizations across diverse industries. Looking across your organization, we can help to align your company's technology strategies to the business' goals, producing tremendous results.


Integrating 'Security as Code' culture within DevOps, our consultants specialize in assessment, implementation and support for the DevSecOps initiatives of our clients. Spanning from the simple to the complex enterprise-level IT projects.

Product Development

We have teams of veteran product managers, architects, developers, DevOps, QA and administrators that can help on a wide range of projects from refactoring to cloud migrations to ground up custom builds. Whether it’s fully custom or 3rd party customized, we can help.

Custom Development/DevOps

Whether you're looking for a customized application, extra hands for a big project, or need help optimizing your CI/CD pipelines, our team of expert engineers and architects are here to help.

Managed Enterprise Applications

We customize teams of engineers, architects, and managers that we optimize in an industry disruptive methodology by focusing on declarative configurations paired with minimal development. Our model is a true model of accountability and ownership blended with CxO oversite to ensure your business strategy is continually met.

Bridging Cloud, And AI Through DevOps

Contact us today and we can assist you in achieving your business goals.